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What is HPP?

High Pressure Processing (HPP) applies extremely high pressures (300-600MPa / 43,500-87,000psi), transmitted by water, to food products in their final packaging. Due to the uniform transmission of the water pressure, there is no visible deformation in the packaging after HPP regardless of the shape of the packaging. The high pressure inactivates or kills any viruses, bacteria, parasites, moulds, and yeasts that might be present in the product. HPP is a cold treatment technique, maintaining products between 4 - 10 degrees C throughout the entire process. As such, the original flavour profiles, textures, and nutrient content, including vitamins, are not affected by the HPP process. No label change is required.

To be compatible with HPP, products must be in flexible packaging such as plastic bottles or vacuum-packs. Other more rigid packaging such as glass, metal, or ceramics cannot be used in HPP due to deformation caused by the pressure.

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Health Canada has developed a guidance document on food products treated with HPP.

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